Time for a cruise …

Well the “grey nomad” trend didn’t last long. After waking up at 700am, I promptly looked at my watch and went back to sleep. Needless to say, the Taj was finally on the road just after 1000am.

I farewelled the volcano’s and headed down to Geelong via a roundabout route to take in another couple of council areas for the Victorian LGA Polygon Challenge.

At one of the stops, I noticed the left indicator wasn’t working on the Taj even though my indicators were on. Previously it was just a loose connection but when I went to push the plug in, I almost burnt my hand. A couple of the lugs had melted through the plug. There must have been some serious load on it.

The first order of business in Geelong was to find a new plug. No luck in Bunnings so across the road to Super Cheap Auto which had plenty of 7-pin flat plugs but no 12-pin flat plugs. Third time lucky at Repco but a whopping price of $49. Oh well, I need it.

There was now a choice to make. Choice number one was a 230 km drive through Melbourne traffic on a Sunday afternoon or choice number 2 was take the Queenscliff-Sorrento ferry which was 180 km drive with a sit back on a ferry for 45 minutes. The only choice was the second option. Best $137 I have spent.

The ferry is a roll on – roll off. At Queenscliff, I drove in through the bow and at Sorrento, I drove off through the bow. The trip was smooth with a little wind but it was relaxing up on the top deck taking in the sun. You couldn’t even see Melbourne in the distance.

There was a bit of traffic on the M1 but I was only on it for 25 kms before heading east and south to Inverloch. Even had the opportunity to “blow in the bag” at Tooradin at a police random breath test station but of course came up “zero”.

Made a couple more stops for geocaches, one at the Lang Lang Holden Proving Ground. I wonder how much use that will get now that Holden have ceased manufacturing in Australia.

Digs for the night is the BIG4 Inverloch Holiday Park. A nice park and it is very busy with a lot of kids running around but they have put me in a quiet corner.

Tomorrow I will continue east along the coast.

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