What about the humidity …

The first thing that hit you today was the humidity. It would be because of the coastal influence and with a bit of warmth and temperatures of 28C today, it didn’t take long to work up a sweat on my little walks.

Today’s travels took me through Koonwarra and Foster which were undulating, and at times steep hills, eventually giving way to coastal flats through Toora, Welshpool, Alberton, Yarram and finally to Sale.

I stopped off at a free camp by the Franklin River but even though my hearing is not the best at times, the noise coming from the cicadas was deafening. Not sure how anyone can get any sleep here. No a problem for me as I am camped at Stratford on the Avon River Tourist Park. It is all quiet here.

There was a large amount of roadworks along the way but the traffic management was not always well executed with lines up to 2 kilometres at the Stratford Bridge.

After setting up around 400pm, I spent the rest of the afternoon grabbing the caches around Stratford. I managed another 2 maps for the Victoria Country Road Atlas Challenge and another 2 shires for the Victorian LGA Polygon Challenge.

Tomorrow it is onto Orbost.

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