Volcanos as far as the eyes can see …

The inner “grey nomad” must be coming through as I had the van packed up and was on the road by 830am. 🙂

First stop today was Dartmoor in Victoria. This must be the home of tree carvings with an “Avenue of Honour” with chainsaw carvings depicting service men and women. Down the street at the playground there are Australian animals and Nursery Rhymes. A lot of work has gone into them and worth a visit. Down by the river is the Fort O’Hare free camp and there was one group that had “circled the wagons” with a campfire in the middle. Very apt.

It was then down to Warrnambool for a quick visit as I need to find a geocache as part of the Victorian LGA Polygon Challenge. Also made a stop at Bunnings to pick up a short extension cord. It was needed to go from the new inverter to the microwave to warm up my lunch when there is no power available.

Heading northeast now and all around dormant / extinct volcanos were starting to pop up. This area must have been amazing to see back in the day. The last one active was around 8000 years ago which not so long ago in geological terms. I wonder how dormant / extinct they really are.

The caravan park tonight is again on the rim of a volcano. I am starting to see a pattern here. I am staying at the Lakes & Craters Holiday Park which straddles Lake Gnotuk and Lake Bullen Merri which are both volcano craters full of water.

After setting up the van, I spent the afternoon touring the area, grabbing some geocaches as well as climbing some volcanoes.

Headed to Melbourne tomorrow.

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