Can’t get much more South than here …

A relaxing morning before heading south to Port MacDonnell and South Australia’s most southern point. Along the way, I made a stop at Mount Schank, another extinct volcano in the South East area. There are 3 geocaches here but I only grabbed one this time through.

It was fairly quiet at Port MacDonnell with a few boats coming in and out of the harbour area. I guess it gets a bit busier on the weekends.

Most of the afternoon was spent checking out the points of interest along the coast. This coast was fairly treacherous in the 1800’s with at least 30 ship wrecks. It is on its second lighthouse at Cape Northumberland.

There was even a fairy penguin colony with no penguins. They had some issues with dogs and foxes decimating the population and there haven’t been any penguins there for a few years.

Adam Lindsay Gordon was a famous Australian poet and horseman who called Port MacDonnell home. His home is now a museum.

I tried to get to the lighthouse and the road on the map ended up being someone’s driveway so you could only get about 200 metres from it.

Heading home, I checked out Hells Hole, a sinkhole in the middle of the pine forest but at the moment with all the pines having been harvested, it stands out on its own. The walk into the hole is through some thick scrub to a metal platform. At the end of the platform it is at least a 30 metre drop down into the sinkhole which is full of water. This is a popular dive cave and to get in you need to abseil in and out with your gear. No diving for me today.

Tomorrow it is time to head east and into Victoria.

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