On the Road again …

With my rostered recreation leave upon me again, I was not going to hang around home for five weeks so time to hook up the caravan and get some more travelling done. Yes I know, you are all saying do you ever work. Occasionally is the answer, LOL.

Back a few weeks ago in Alexandra, I signed a log for a geocache called the Victorian Country Atlas Challenge, which involved finding a cache on every one of the 38 pages. I checked and have found 27 pages so why not spend the next 10 days marking off the remaining 11 pages. Sounds like a plan.

Before I could hit the road, there was a workshop on Bushfires I needed to attend which was yesterday and by coincidence it involved an exercise in the South East around Nangwarry. Today I managed to get to Nangwarry on my way to Mount Gambier.

Finally getting mobile at 1130am, a little later than I expected but amazingly the same time that the exercise yesterday had us responding to the South East. At least I will be able to check timings that we worked with during the exercise and see if they would be realistic should we ever have to respond to the South East.

It was a good day for travelling, mostly overcast and cool with the occasional shower. A bit different from yesterday where it was 38C with hot northerly winds. Stops along the way were for a few geocaches and fuel with the police shutting down the road for drug, alcohol and vehicle checks just outside of Keith. I got through OK. The CB had plenty of chatter about it.

A quick stop in Nangwarry with a photo at the museum, which I sent back to a couple doing the workshop today confirming our timings were not that far out and then it was onto Mount Gambier.

After setting up camp at the Big4 on the rim of the Blue Lake volcano crater, I headed into town to grab a few caches before calling it a day.

Tomorrow will be an easy day with the plan to grab the southernmost geocache in South Australia.

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