Downtown Reno …

Another day down on the Strike Team Leaders course and I decided to go for walk into downtown. There was a storm on the way but it looked clear so should be OK.

I didn’t take  a jumper and it was warm, but by the time I got to downtown it started to get cool – around 10 degrees and light rain.

I walked along the southern bank of the Truckee River, taking in some geocaches on the way. At one of the caches I came across a couple of cachers, Foreverchaos and HRKneese, found the old Reno arch and into the Main Street to check out the new Reno Arch (the one my Reno pathtag is based on). Downtown was deserted, probably due to the cold, wind and impending storm.

Also checked out the Bowling Centre and Reno Fire Department Station #1 which is similar design to Station @#21.

The round trip today was 12.2km, grabbing 10 caches and getting back to the hotel just as the rain / sleet started with 8.8 degrees and falling.

Caches found:

GCZRKG – “Imagine”

GC1TYDB – Be Patient

GC1R70B – Ye Old Pipeline

GCHREY – Souvenir Penny Cache

GCT7T8 – SHM #210 Depot

GC1RZP8 – Bakers DZ.9 – Bavarian Creme

GCRZPF – Bakers DZ.0 Pan Dulce

GCT7TA – SHM #220 Fight

GCPKKF – SHM #240 Coney Island

GC19ZYG – What a Rush

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