Bourke to Broken Hill – Its good to see water …

The rain continued through the night and by morning 9mm had fallen with more on the way. The wind had dropped away so I hit the road. The original plan was to go through to Wilcannia.

The rain had brought out the wildlife with kangaroos, goats and horses lining the road grabbing the green shoots. Another unusual sight was the huge pools of water flowing away from the road.

There was some evidence of vehicles pulling off onto the shoulder only to sink on the mud. I guess there will be no pulling off to the side of the road today. Luckily I have no geocaches to find until I get the other side of Cobar.

The rain was widespread with it all the way to Broken Hill. Yes I had changed the plan as I got to Wilcannia just after lunch and decided to continue onto the Hill.

There were a few geocaches to grab but luckily they were all in the rest areas which were hard standing.

The wind had picked up again and was mostly a side wind which made it interesting to keep the car and van on the road. It also killed the fuel economy.

By the time I got to Broken Hill there were creeks flowing with the area receiving over 35mm rain overnight. I drove through rain storms on and off all day.The rain certainly isnt a drought breaker but it will go a long way to fill dams and tanks, as well as promote some grass growth.

Digs for the night is the Broken Hill Tourist Park.

Diesel @ Broken Hill $1.599, Wilcannia $1.649, Cobar $1.619

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