Broken Hill to Riverton – The gift that keeps on giving …

Its been over a month since we were on the Birdsville Track but it is still that gift that keeps on giving. Woke up this morning to a flat tyre on the wheel we had the blowout on the Birdsville Track.

Pumped it up enough to get to a tyre repairer. The closest one was Bridgestone but they were too busy to get to it. Next closest was Premier Independent Tyres and they could do the job.

After doing the dunking tank, there was no puncture but there was 2 cracks in the rim opposite each other. and the air was leaking through those cracks.

The guys changed some tyres around on rims and sold me a new rim for the spare and I was on my way.It was a pretty easy day with a stop about every 10 kilometres or so for a geocache. There were a lot of road trains with hay heading east, some of which didnt seem to be tied down too well.

The quarantine check was at Oodla Wirra, 200 kilometres from the border but I didnt have anything for him apart from the stems of the grapes I finished eating.

The plan was to stay at the Burra Caravan Park but due to school holidays, there was no room. There was plenty of room at the Riverton Caravan Park, 55 kilometres further south.

An easy drive home tomorrow morning now.

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