Charleville to Bourke – Is that a real snake …

Well the Harley alarm clock was 722am. I didnt hear them pack up but certainly heard them leave. I guess I am having an early start for the 460km drive to Bourke.

It was a good travel day with warm weather and a slight tail wind.

About a 100km out from Bourke , the skies were getting darker to the west and south. There was a low pressure system heading towards Bourke.

I arrived at the Kidman’s Camp Tourist Park just before 3pm and the skies were still clear, so there was still some time to get in some caching.

The first cache was down behind the caravan park at the PV Jandra paddleboat on the Darling River. The cache was in a hole in a pepper tree but there was something else in there too. I saw what I thought was a rubber snake wrapped around the container but then the tongue flickered. I guess it is not rubber. It saw me then disappeared down into the tree. Looks like it might have been an Inland Taipan. I still got the cache but used a large stick to get it out.

I continued aroundBourke grabbing caches then the dark skies started turning red. There was a huge dust storm in front of the thunderstorms.I managed to just fill the fuel tank before the dust hit. It only lasted about 5-10 minutes before it started to rain. 

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