That’s a lot of bikes and cars …

Today was a bit if a rest and repair day. After a sleep in it was time to grab bits from Bunnings and Super Cheap Autos to fix a few things on the car and van after the trek up the Oodnadatta Track
Nothing major, just a few things including missing bolts and some electrical repairs.
With all the activity in town for the Finke Desert Race, I thought I should check out the Scrutiny night to see what the fuss was all about. After all, isn’t it just a little motorbike race in the centre of Australia.
How wrong I was. It took forever to get out to the start line with a huge line from half way out from town and moving at walking pace.
There were thousands out there, all to come and see the 600+ bikes and 100+ cars / buggies up close and the chance to get to see their favourite competitor.
I was suitably impressed by the organisation, talking with some of the officials, teams and competitors.
The only detractor for the night was the dust being thrown up by the car and people traffic. Not sure that could be fixed.
It was back to the van to wash out the dust. Tomorrow I will start the big haul up to Darwin.
Diesel in Alice Springs was $1.579 after a discount.
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