Cheap fuel over there …

With most of the traffic heading south to the Finke Desert Race, the road north was almost deserted so it made for easy travel with the occasional stop for a geocache.
The distance to Tennant Creek was too much for one tank of fuel so I was going to have to fill up somewhere or break out the jerry cans I was carrying.
At Ti Tree, fuel was $1.75 at the roadhouse but across the way at the Ti Tree Farm Garden was a huge sign saying $1.49. That cant be right but it was. 
The owner told me that after the tanker fills the roadhouse he comes over and fills his tanks. So it is the same fuel but he is not as greedy.
I made it 514 kilometres to Tennant Creek staying at the Outback Caravan Park.
Team Smith had caught up with me and called in to say hello before heading on to Renner Springs for the night.
After a week on the road, it was time to do some washing and I was trying different pipe arrangements from the washing machine but the first one failed being too small resulting in the bathroom getting flooded.
Oh well, the floor needed a wash anyway to get rid of the dust.
I finally found a combination of fittings and hoses that worked without flooding the inside.
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