Gee it is busy in the Alice …

It looks like it is nearly time to break out the shorts as the temperatures start to rise as I keep heading north.
After filling up at Cadney Park with very reasonable prices ($1.589), I was on the road at 1000 with the target of Alice Springs tonight.
The weather was fine with a little wind which affected the fuel economy but this only lasted a couple of hours.
Stopping into Marla to do some geocache maintenance on my cache here and make some phone calls to find a spot to camp in Alice Springs for couple of nights.
Due to the Finke Desert Race, every caravan park is booked out til Sunday night. The last option was the Showgrounds where they said I should be able to be fitted in.
On arrival, that comment was obviously tongue in cheek as there was plenty of room even with the large amount of campers already here. 
Apparently, the showgrounds open their gates when major events are in town and all the caravan parks are full. Its even cheaper than the caravan parks.
A couple of kilometres short of the NT Border, I came upon a Queensland caravan with Mick and Gwen written on the back. It ended up being some geocachers I know – The X-trailers.
We caught up at the Border Carpark and chatted for a while before it was time to hit the road again.
Stuarts Well was a last chance to throw some fuel in the tank to make it to Alice Springs and made it into the Showgrounds at 1710.
Diesel at Stuarts Well was $1.80 and $2.019 at Erldunda where I avoided fuelling up. I am carrying 30 litres from Adelaide and have used 20 litres so far.
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