Seaworld San Diego

It was another great day in San Diego – a little too good as we all got sunburnt even though sunscreen was applied. Today we spent the day at Seaworld doing pretty much all the shows and rides. I will list them as we did them:

  • Wild Arctic – a motion simulator
  • Wild Arctic Interaction – beluga whales, polar bears and walruses
  • Shamu Show Believe – sat in the splash zone and got wet. The cheap hawaiian shirts we bought had the dye running when they got wet so I turned blue (Great Show)
  • Dolphin Discovery – Dolphins and whales (Another great show)
  • Freshwater Aquarium – up close and personal with piranhas
  • Flamingos – beats the 3 we have at home
  • Bayside Skyride – gondalo over the bay
  • Turtles – up close and personal
  • Tidal Pool – kids got to touch star fish
  • Shipwreck Rapids – about a 25 minute wait and we got wet and I got blue again
  • Skytower Ride – up and rotating to the top of the tower but a lot slower than some of the other rides we have been on – good views of Seaworld and San Diego
  • Shark Encounter – through a clear tunnel with sharks swimming overhead
  • Cirque de la Mer – Cirque du Soleil but over and in the water (another great show)
  • Aquarium de la Mer – saltwater aquarium
  • Sea Lions Tonite – show modelled on TV shows using Sea Lions and an Otter (not as goos as the other animal shows)
  • Sesame Street Presents – we went in, we sat down, they dimmed the lights then they got us out – it would not work, so a thumbs down on this one
  • Pets Rule – dogs, cats, pigs, birds doing all sorts of stunts and activities (Great Show)
  • Journey to Atlantis – we waited in the line for 30 minutes then it broke down, we waited for about 15 minutes and it was up and running. A great ride so we did it again with only a 15 minute wait 🙂
  • Shamu Rocks – the Shamu show at night with lights and music – spectacular.
  • Shamu’s Skysplash – what theme park is worth its salt if there isnt Fireworks

We had an enjoyable day and the kids were exetremely tired as we would find out on the next morning.

Cache for the Day:

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