San Diego Zoo

We thought the kids would be tired today after yesterday at SeaWorld. They didn’t get out of bed until 10:30 am. It was OK as we wouldn’t have such a full a day as yesterday.

We got to San Diego Zoo around 12:00, first taking the guided bus tour through the zoo (how cool – beats walking especially up and down those hills).

After the bus tour we then looked at the exhibits we wanted a closer look at which included the bears, monkeys, birds, elephants, polar bears and of course the tigers.

There was plenty of penny squashing again today. Not sure how much we have spent of squashing pennies but it is a lot. There will probably be more of this tomorrow.

There was only one show we saw today – the Bird show which showed many of the larger birds in flight as well as a cheeky raven that would take your money.

After the Zoo we headed into Downtown to show some of the sights but there were a lot of streets closed due to the Baseball on tonight. We did manage to get to the Gaslamp Area then down to Tuna Lane for the Bob Hope statue and the Sailor statue. It also gave the kids an idea of what we were doing tomorrow – the USS Midway.

It was then over and back the Coronado Bridge and back to the hotel to pack and get an early night – I am sure!!

In the 2 weeks we have been here Bradley has been collecting the State Quarters and he has done well but we are still missing a Tennessee Quarter – one day to go, maybe we will find one tomorrow or our US friends will need to keep an eye out for one.

Apart from the Midway tomorrow, another highlight will be meeting up with the Podcacher Team of Sonny, Sandy and Sean in Carlsbad on the way up to LA.

Caches for today:

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