The Road to San Diego …

After visiting LA County Fire Station 127 we headed down the Coast Road towards San Diego. You know when you are travelling through some expensive real estate like Laguna Beach, Dana Point and San Clemente as the car yards are selling BMW and Mercedes and the mechanics only do these exclusive cars as well.

It seems there is not much land left as all the houses are on top of each other and they are big as well. The land that is left has oil wells bobbing up and down. The beaches are good though and were well attended today.

At Dana Point we headed back on the I-5 and as we were heading through Camp Pendleton there was a hold up of a car fire on our side. A couple of patrol cars and fire trucks and we were on our way but not for long as just around the corner was Squirrel Point.

Squirrel Point is named because of all the squirrels that live there and can be hand fed with peanuts. This was the first time that the kids had come up close and personal to the little critters. We were also entertained by the helicopter movements of the Camp Pendleton Marines.

After feeding the squirrels it was into Mission Valley to our suite. I grabbed a couple of caches while Jenny went shopping and the kids watched TV.

Caches for the day:

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