Bradley do your assignments …

Bradley was working on a final assignment today so it turned into a bit of a rest day for us. We were able to have a bit of a sleep in for the first time since arriving (well me at least – Jenny has had plenty of sleep ins).

The weather was still marginal but occasionally the sun did sneak a look but not for long. We made a visit to the local Walmart to pick up another suitcase. There is starting to be a collection of suitcases back at home. Next time we will bring extras with us. I am sure we have said that before.

Later in the afternoon, it was still raining so we just drove around Champaign and the University campus checking out the scenery. Eventually it was time for Bradley to eat dinner, so rather than take up time he needed for his assignment, we picked up some pizzas and took them to him.

A quick meal, some quick conversation and we left him again to work on his assignments. They were due by midnight.

And guess what, it was still raining.

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