Chicago Town here we come …

Well I didn’t think Jenny would do it but she managed to get up early enough for us to have one last visit with Bradley before he headed off to University classes and we headed off to Chicago.

We had left plenty of time to get through the mighty metropolis peak hour traffic of Champaign, but ended up getting to Bradley’s apartment before he had even got out of bed.

After a bit of going around in circles due to roadworks and one way roads, we finally found his Engineering building and farewelled Bradley for the last time until January (if he comes home).

Back to the hotel, packed the bags, packed the car and we were on the highway to Chicago. Only a couple of stops for geocaches and we were soon into the gnarling traffic of Chicago. It was not so much the volume of traffic but the large amount of roadworks holding up the flow.

It was still early when we arrived at our hotel, so some exploring was in order.

We have been to the Pro Bass Shops before, but just up the road was a Cabelas which is a similar but rival chain store for outdoors. You would be mistaken that they have taken the same design for their stores as Pro Bass Shops with the stuffed animals etc. Even with all their stuff, I came out empty handed. So some time for more geocaching.

Soon the rain came in heavy so we called it a day and continued the Illinois Foodfest for the evening at Portillos. I had the Jumbo Dogs and Jenny had the ribs. She also ordered pasta but we will end up having that tomorrow night.

Hopefully the weather will improve tomorrow.

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