Catching up with Bradley …

After a week in the same spot, packing up took a little bit of work and of course it was still raining as we tried to load the car. We had a great stay in our AirBnB apartment in Garfield Park and would recommend it to others.
FDIC was not quite over yet as the trade show still had today left and besides the weather was still bad and rather than drive through it to Illinois, the plan was to spend some time in Indianapolis to allow it to clear.
A last minute attendance to FDIC of “Molly the Fire Safety Dog” and her owner Dayna, who I had made acquaintance through Geocaching and Facebook but had never met was unexpected. It was good to catch up with them and see the passion that Dayna has to get the fire safety message to kids all over the road. We even have one of Molly’s Fire Safety geocaches back in Australia.
After bidding farewell to Molly and Dayna, we hooked up again with Billy and Teri, checking out the trade show, meeting many of Billy’s contacts along the way and spending some quality time chatting about various subjects.
The weather had cleared up so it was time to travel west into Illinois to catch up with Bradley. Hopefully we get the opportunity again next year to get over to Indy to stay again with Billy and Teri.
It was a good run through to Champaign with a phone call to Bradley to check where he was. He had taken part in a colour run of sorts or was it just a beerfest with paint. Not sure but he was covered in all sorts of colours and was at the Frat House. The party had been going on here for a while and after meeting many of his friends, we could see that having parents at the Frat House on a Saturday night was not the done thing.
Bradley took us back to his apartment where we met his Mexican room mates and he had a chance to clean up. His roomies seemed like good guys and the apartment wasn’t too bad for a college kid apartment.
It was time for the the Illinois Foodfest to start, continuing on from the Ohio Foodfest and Indiana Foodfest. We were initially going to go to the Olive Garden but with an hour and a half wait for a table, we moved onto Denny’s. They must have been having a bad night with staff issues and missing some of our order.
Bradley need to get some assignments done tonight and tomorrow so we dropped him off and would catch up again tomorrow afternoon.
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