June 12 of 12 …

Once again, another month and on the road again. This time in the Northern Territory. We had a big drive today from Alice Springs through to Mataranka (1075 km).

Camp was broken on daybreak and after a brief stop in Alice Springs getting fuel and supplies. we headed north on the Stuart Highway.

We made a few stops for geocaches but not for me as I had found them all last year. I was travelling with a mate that had never been to the Northern Territory and I had him on rations with some cache finds each hour to break up the drive. It was 800 km between cache finds for me. 🙁

Some of the stops included the Barrow Creek Telegraph Station, Native Gap, Wycliffe Well (the UFO Capital of Australia), Tennant Creek then onto Mataranka.

Unfortunately we didn’t have time to stop at Devils Marbles, but you always need to leave something for next time. 🙂

A few more stops at some memorials and we arrived at Mataranka just on sunset and it was spectacular with the moon and stars appearing as the sun set.

A quick meal at the homestead and then it was into the Thermal Pool for a well deserved 1.5 hour soak. A great finish to the 12th of June.

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