May 12 of 12 …..

After a very interesting and busy day yesterday as the Deputy Incident Controller of the Cherryville Fire, today was going to be a lot quieter and possibly not be able to even get 12 photos.

Instead of breakfast, I had more of a brunch after a much deserved sleep in after 3 days including a night shift at the Cherryville fire.

With the new purchase of a Garmin Oregon 600 pending when they came into stock, I took the time to watch a few videos going through the new features of the unit.

Jenny even discovered how to use a new vacuum cleaner that was purchased during the week – I know vacuum cleaners and Jenny are an unusual occurrence.

Much of the rain we received last night continued but it didn’t stop me heading out during a break in the rain to get some local geocaches.

I took Molly the geodog for a walk and of course as soon as we reached the first cache, down came the rain. It gets to a point where you can not get any wetter so we continued on to another couple of caches in the Blackwood Forest Reserve.

By the time I got home, there was one very wet and sorry looking dog. This was soon remedied with a hot bath and blow dry. Molly was again a happy dog.

A bit more time this afternoon to actually get around to doing the May 12 of 12. Certainly not as exciting today as a month ago.

Next month I will be on the road to Darwin so some more interesting photos then ……

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