July 12 of 12 …

This month is certainly a contrast to last month.

Firstly, I am at work (I know many of you are shocked – I do have to work some times šŸ˜‰ ).

Secondly, the temperature was about half of what it was last month when I was in the Northern Territory. Today was around 15C whereas a month ago I was enjoying 28C.

Not only was I at work but also “On Call”, and it didn’t take long before getting my first callout for a 2nd Alarm house fire out north in the “Badlands”, but never made it there as the alarm was downgraded before arriving.

Overnight, our IT Department decided to roll out Windows 7 (we have been using XP forever). It didn’t go all that well with only one IT Guru left today to assist with getting things back to normal. I finally got email by lunchtime and printing around 3:00 pm.

The boys downstairs were pretty busy with a number of Motor Vehicle Accidents due to the wet weather but it slowed down by afternoon.

As is usual on a Friday afternoon, there is always a late email that requires action before walking out the door and today was no different. After poring through the last 5 years of Annual Reports, I soon had the answers and was on my way.

We are currently getting one our bathrooms remodelled and it always exciting to see how far the builder has got each day. By the time he left tonight, the walls and ceilings were in and we are now awaiting the gyprock flusher tomorrow.

Until next month when I will be back “On Shift”.

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