Humpty who …

After a big weekend, there was not much activity in the van this morning. After-all, today is a rest day before the remainder of the holiday.
The boys rang around lunchtime to say that everyone was headed to the Humpty Doo Hotel for lunch and would we like to join them. Sounded like a plan and it wasn’t long before we were there.
The beverages were cold and wet, the meals were good as was the company of the crew. 
As we were ready to leave, a minibus arrived and out hopped the Blackwood mob following their jumping crocodile cruise. 
With the race crew gone, we chatted with the Blackwood mob for a while.
There was one more thing to do in Darwin. It was to visit a mate from Adelaide, Chris, who is also a distant cousin of Jenny. He has been battling Cancer and him and Sally have decided to do some travel around Australia but still getting chemo along the way.
Unfortunately he contracted pneumonia along the way, so it was into the Royal Darwin Hospital to get that sorted but then they found another tumour which needs to be sorted.
Chris was in high spirits but unsure of what is to come.
I needed to do some geocache maintenance at my Anzac Memorial cache on the foreshore then that was it for the night.
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