Crocs by Airboat …

It was time to farewell Darwin for another year, even if it was a day earlier than expected. I had mucked up the departure dates but that’s OK.
Today’s activity in the afternoon was a surprise for Jenny so it just meant that we were going to camp a little closer to the Mary River.
There was no rush to get to Corroborie Park Tavern as the surprise wasn’t until 3pm this afternoon.
Jenny got to do some shopping. I know how she goes into withdrawal without here shopping. LOL
With a couple of geocache finds along the way, we arrived around 1230 at Corroborie Park Tavern.
What a gem this place is with open grassed sites with plenty of shade. We caught up with some other Silverline owners, Julie and Alan from NSW, chatting until we needed to head off to the Mary River at 1430.
The surprise for Jenny was an Wildlands Wetlands Airboat Safari on the Mary River and Wetlands, doing some croc spotting. This was something we never had a chance to do in the US, so why not here in the Territory.
With only 3 other passengers, it was a great experience and we were lucky to get the front seats.
There were plenty of crocs to spot, both freshwater and saltwater varieties but none of them tried to jump in which is a good thing.
We were never provided life jackets. Guess if you end up in the water, the life jacket is not going to save you from the crocs.
Chase and Jack took us on the tour and provided plenty of information on the fauna and flora we saw along the way.
Back at Corroborie Park Tavern, we spent the evening with our new friends, Julie and Alan.
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