It is Winter all over again …

You could have thought that we were back in winter with overcast skies, fog and the temperature sitting on 2C. First order of the day was to pack everything up and vacate our room. This didn’t take too long and we were soon up on the lift to the top of the mountain.

It was certainly winter conditions with a cold breeze, light snow showers and limited visibility. We decided that we would stick to Highway 83 as it was the best groomed slope and with only about 10 metres visibility, I didn’t want to break something on the last day.

Around midday, the slopes started filling with boarders that must have made their way from Melbourne, so it was time to head back, hand in our skis and pack the car for the long trip home.

Just after 1:20pm, we were on our way for the 12 hour trip and 980 kilometres. Even with a few stops for geocaches along the way, we were making good time, getting into Bendigo still in daylight. I could get used to skiing when there is daylight saving.

All was going well until we hit the Freeway just out of Murray Bridge. With a car on my left, we came around a bend to find a dead roo, smack bang in the middle of my lane. This may not end well. Luckily the Colorado has bash plate extending under the front, so I lined it up dead centre and over we went with the bash plates lifting the car up as we passed over at 110kph.

Everything seemed to be working OK so we continued home, arriving just after 1:00am, a little under 12 hours. Grabbing a torch, I checked under the car and except for a few bits of fur, all looked good.

Thats it for the snow for 2017. The next adventure is to the Trans Australian Railway Centenary and Maralinga, a contrast to the snow of the Victorian High Country.

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