The Bubble has burst …

No blue skies this morning but overcast and raining with some winds. I guess the dream had to finish at some time. All this did was delay our departure up the mountain as no one likes to ski in the rain.

We made it to the top around 10:20am so only an hour later than normal and luckily the snow had not been effected by this mornings rain. In fact with the lack of sun and a bit of breeze made sure that the snow did not soften. Conditions were good for skiing even though seeing the surface became interesting with the overcast skies.

The rain persisted for another hour and then the sun peeked through for a little while but it was short lived and soon the skies went black, the winds picked up and the temperature dropped. By this time Jenny’s knees were getting sore so once again we were back in the Lodge by 1:00pm.

The weather is apparently going to turn into cold and snowy overnight so our last day may be a more winter ski day than spring.

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