No Track for me …

With it raining through the night, the chances of the Oodnadatta Track being open today was going to be remote but it was worth one last look.

After checking online and then driving to the start of the Track, everything was still all red. So once again I have been thwarted doing the Oodnadatta Track on the return journey from the Darwin V8’s. That is now 5 years it has been closed at this time of the year.

It was still raining as we left Marla and continued on and off until we arrived at Coober Pedy. There was evidence of heavy rains here with large lakes of water on the streets.

After filling with fuel, and grabbing a geocache on the truck in the sky at the entrance to the town, we continued south, finally getting some breaks in the clouds and some blue sky peeking through. The temperature even snuck up to 18C.

Not far from Glendambo, I came around a corner to find a convoy of caravans on the right side of the road (that is the right spot for them) but there was a truck bearing down on me on my side. Hitting the anchors and driving off the road, the truck finally got onto his side just in time before hitting me. This is not the first time this has happened on this journey.

We filled up again at Glendambo in sunshine but this was short lived as we were soon in rain again with the wind picking up.

After a 600 kilometre drive from Marla, we stopped for the night at Woomera Travellers Village. It happened that a mate, Railways Mike was in town so we caught up with him for a chat.

Hopefully the wind lets up tomorrow or the journey will be interesting towing the caravan.

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