The Trip is nearly over …

I am getting closer to home. There are a couple of options. Option 1 is to drive the 500 kilometres to home today but then I would have the peak hour traffic to contend with and that is not a fun way to finish a 7 week holiday, or Option 2, do about 300 kilometres today giving me a couple of hours drive tomorrow into home and with only the lunchtime traffic to contend with.

Given that I awoke to very cold temperatures and a strong head wind, I opted for the 2nd alternative of taking 2 days from Woomera to home.

A mate who works for the Woomera Emergency Services had just finished night shift so Colin called in to say hello. These annual catch-ups are becoming a tradition.

The wind was taking a toll on fuel consumption with numbers of 21-22 litres / 100 kilometres instead of the usual 15. Apart from the fuel, it was a an uneventful drive to Crystal Brook. Even the Garden Grove road trains behaved when overtaking.

After setting up in the Crystal Brook Caravan Park, I headed out around the area grabbing geocaches and eventually ending up over in Gladstone. I worked here for Elders Pastoral for 3 months in 1985. I could pick the house I was renting OK (one of the warders homes at the Gladstone Gaol) but I couldn’t pick which was the Elders building. Elders are no longer here and the building could have been knocked down for the Perry’s yard.

One of the caches was at the Gladstone Pioneers Cemetery which I never knew was here.

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