Farewell Reno

Reno put on a show when I woke up this morning and looked out the window. There was a coating of snow from the mountains to the carpark.

Last minute packing and down to the airport. Arrived in plenty of time or so I thought until a few Mexican families with about 4 kids each and around 35 suitcases happened in front of me in the queue. Of course they had about 20 of the cases that were overweight and they had to transfer stuff into other cases to get under the 50lb limit.

This was probably a good thing in the end as the check-in girl looked at my 54lb and said don’t worry about putting stuff in the other case. 🙂

We were late getting off the ground – probably due to loading luggage. Took off to the north then a steep curve around and over the mountains all white and into LA not too late at all.

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