Mt Rose skiing revisited …

After being “slightly” sunburnt and windburnt from yesterday on the slopes, I did the right thing and added some suncreen. I needed not worry as the closer I got to Mt Rose the cloudier it got.

By the time I got to the slopes the wind had picked up and the snow was starting to fall. Despite the conditions, I persisted until 1:00 pm then called it a day when it really started to dump.

It wasn’t the snow so much but the wind which went straight through you. I still enjoyed the skiing I got in but my thighs are telling me different.

One thing I can say about Mt Rose is the staff. They were friendly to regardless of the conditions – this is something the Australian ski field staff could learn.

I headed back down the mountain being chased by large amounts of white stuff falling from the sky. Once down on the plains, the sun appeared but the wind persisted. It gave me a chance to go caching and I picked up another 32 finds.

Back to the hotel to pack the bags, then to find that there had been a number of earthquakes in California. LAX had been closed down to inspect the runways for damage. It will be interesting to see if we get in tomorrow if there are more quakes overnight. There is also up to 18″ of snow forecast for Reno overnight.

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