Good Friday Caching …

A big day out caching today with Jeditrekr, JimmyReno, ForeverChaos and HRKneese getting out to Pyramid Lake and around North Reno. 61 finds, 3 DNF’s and 1 hide which will have dual citizenship on (DUAL CITIZENSHIP) and (Dual Citizenship – what the heck is that …..) 🙂

The day started out with LPC’s (Lamp Post Caches), even having the opportunity to try a Spicy Bite at a LPC. The further we got away from Reno and started getting into the “Outback”, the containers got larger with most being ammo cans and a chance to drop in some TB’s (Travel Bugs) I had brought from Oz.

The countryside is similar to the Flinders Ranges but not as high with rock formations and open spaces.

Our final location was Pyramid Lake which is an alkaline fresh water lake inside the Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation. There are a number of geological formations here as well as a large pelican population.

The wind started to increase and another storm headed in with a large dust storm covering the western end of the lake. This storm ended up dropping another 12″ of snow at Mt Rose. 😀

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