Anyone for chicken …

Another clear skied day in Western Queensland and only a few hours to get to our next destination, Windorah.
Once again the caravan park was virtually empty when we left. We are getting used to that.
The road west to Windorah was predominantly single lane bitumen which takes for a special sort of driving. Unfortunately most of those still returning from the Big Red Bash don’t seem to have that skill.
Most of the drivers heading east seemed to think that it is either a physical challenge or a big game of chicken.
There were many times I had to take evasive action to avoid getting hit.
How did I know they were Big Red Bashers. They had it written over their windscreen.
When we arrived at Windorah, we spoke to the Visitor Centre staff and they said that it has been like this for the last 2 weeks.
They have been just getting off the road when they see traffic coming when coming to work.
Windorah is on the Cooper Creek and even with the rain that occurred a couple of months ago, the creek is looking fairly empty.
I guess most of it has made its way down to Lake Eyre.
We took the town tour and the nature drive to check out the sights of the area. It didnt take too long to see it all.
After-all the population is only 80.
Hopefully most of the Bashers are now further east from us and we wont have traffic issues again.
Tomorrows destination is Haddons Corner. This will be the second corner visited. We have done Camerons Corner already.
Diesel was $1.17 in Windorah.
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