Westward ho …

The further south we headed, the colder it was getting so it is time to head west again.
We farewelled Charleville after filling up the jerry cans. We now have an extra 40 litres of fuel which will be needed in a couple of days.
Another easy day with 200 kilometres through to Quilpie getting in around lunchtime. This is sort of like being grey nomads without the early starts.
Not a lot to see here apart from the Baldy Top Lookout and the Opal alter in the local church.
We made the walk up to the top of the Baldy Top Lookout which gave 360 degree views of the region. 
The St Finbarr’s Church had been donated a lot of opal back in the day with which they adorned the alter and lecterns with. There were some interesting colours and large pieces too.
Back at the Channel Country Tourist Park, Jenny went for a spa. They are filled with artesian water and Jenny enjoyed it.
On sunset, it was campfire and singer time. Tonights singer was Kenny M, who did both kinds of music, Country and Western, as well as many of his own poems.
Tomorrow we head further west to Windorah.
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