Disneyland for one more time …

We still had one day on the Disney Park Hopper and not a lot to do there so made it a late start so the kids could have a rest in the morning. We got there at 12:00 midday and got to park up near the top of the Mickey and Friends parking structure.

Spent some time squashing some more pennies – both kids are getting quite a collection. Then went and grabbed a fast pass for Space Mountain.

Before doing Toon Town it was time to grab the rides Bradley and I had been avoiding – Snow Whites Scary Adventure and Its a Small World. That tune and the ride Its a Small World has not changed in 17 years and to add insult to injury it broke down or something just as we reached the exit and we were stuck listening to that tune for another 10 minutes. This ride is certainly a leveller with the big tough guys covered in tatts riding it with their young kids. 🙂

It was then time for Toon Town and grab some more photos with Disney Characters Minnie and Mickey Mouse (Mickey has a sucker line inside his house but you can see how long Minnies line is). Jenny and the kids grabbed the roller coaster in Toon Town while I waited. We then got on another sucker line for the Spin City ride.

Our recommendation – avoid Toon Town if you can.

Our time had come for Space Mountain – this Fast Pass is the go on the busy rides as you go almost to the front of the line.

A couple of goes on Buzz Lightyears Astro Blasters (one using a fast pass) then off the planet with Star Tours.

We were heading over to do some shopping in Frontierland when the Big Thunder Mountain Railway just opened up after a breakdown so it was straight on. We grabbed a fast pass for this one, went shopping for a Tiger Pillow for Bradley and a bag for Rachael.

While waiting for our fast pass time we took the slow train around the park when ended up being true as it broke down in Tomorrowland. Most people got off but they had it up and running in around 5 minutes so we were back to New Orleans and onto the Big Thunder Mountain Railway again.

Off of here, back into Main Street in time for the fireworks for the 3rd time now. Jenny and Rachael scrapped up a heap of the paper Mickeys that they explode out at the end of the Fireworks.

We decided on some TV Dinners from Target for tea – I grabbed a cache while they shopped and it was back to the hotel by 10:30 pm.

Cache for the day was GC1N2FC – Hot Coco

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  1. joanna says:

    Thanks for bailing out California’s sagging economy. Please send your mates over, as well! So glad you are experiencing all of the commercialism California has to offer. Keep posting! Jiana and I miss you…..especially JIana…..as now I am playing hide and seek. Joanna

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