Universal Studios

The kids are starting to get weary but there is so much to see and do.

Today we picked to go to Universal as we figured traffic would be light on the Freeways to get there from Orange and they were. It took us around 45 minutes to get there.

They may not be getting the people through but are making it up in parking. If you want to park in the parking garage next to the entrance which used to be the normal park it costs you $20 as it is preferred parking. If you want a 10 minute walk from the new park then it is $12. We paid the extra $8.

Weather was a little warm today but they have it sorted with shade and misters everywhere. We decided on the Backlot Tour first to give the kids an idea of what it was all about. All the old favourites were there with Jaws, the flash flood, San Francisco earthquake and some new ones as well with Tokyo Drift and Grinch sets and props.

There was then more penny squashing to be done and photos with characters and we were getting warm so off to the Jurassic Park ride to get wet. The queue was only 5 minutes and we got wet – the kids wanted to do it again but it will wait for later in the day.

While we were down the bottom we did Backdraft, Sound Effects tour and the new Mummy ride. Rachael worked herself up to just about not ride on it but it was not as bad as some of the others we had been on. Maybe we are getting immune to scary rides. 🙂

Back up the top and we did Shrek 4D (not bad), Terminator 3D (very good), Waterworld (interesting but have seen it before), Animal Actors (fun for the kids), Simpsons ride (lame for the length of the wait).

It was nearly time to leave so we went back down the bottom for one last go on Jurassic Park and we got wet again but it did not matter as the temp was still in the high 20’s.

We checked out the Blues Brothers revue before heading home before sunset.

Grabbed a virtual geocache just outside going through some very skinny streets just wide enought to get a car through with one side having parked cars. Wouuld be interesting in a fire truck.

Todays cache was GCA8AD – LarsThorwald’s Psycho!

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