Time for a GeoEvent …

Another sunny and clear skied day in Chicago but at least today was a little warmer around 13C. And there was a distinct lack of wind today so the sun could actually warm you up. We are continually reminded that it is Spring in Chicago and this is what to expect.

An easy morning with a visit to the local Dicks Sports Store so that Jenny could look at their softball gear. With the current exchange rate, it didnt work out too cost effective to get anything so jenny walked out empty handed. Me on the other hand, walked out with a $180 Chicago Blackhawk Ice Hockey jersey for $60. Apparently they are changing from Reebok to Adidas so all stock must go.

This afternoon it was a chance to catch up with a lot of old geocaching friends I had seen three years ago during the last Chicago trip. The location for the event was Stadium Sports Club and Pizza and called “Firesafe is back in the Windy City!!!“. It wasn’t too hard to find the venue as there was a group of people searching through a garden bed at a nearby cache location. We were definitely at the right spot. It even took the out of country guy to spot the cache.

It was a great location with good food and drink. The staff were friendly and we were made to feel welcome. It was a good turnout with many of the faces I had met three years ago. It was amazing that there were at least 5 in the group that had been to Adelaide. Often you have to explain where we are in Australia. It was a welcome change. The koalas I brought across were a hit too. Thanks to all those that made the event today.

After a few hours it was time to head back to the hotel and get the bags packed, making sure they are under weight. We make the big trek home to Australia tomorrow afternoon.

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