Another Great Day of Skiing Colorado …

What a difference a day makes with me having recovered from the altitude sickness – I have obviously acclimatised to the 9600 feet elevation (at the resort) but we did go up to 11000 feet while skiing.
The sun was out in the morning but there was a slight breeze so even though the temperature was the same as yesterday it felt colder due to the wind chill. The car-o-meter looked OK but would have liked a lot more.
This didn’t stop us skiing but we did take a couple of breaks to warm up at 10 Mile Station.
Once again the snow was dry and there was no ice so you didn’t get the chattering of the edges when turning like back in Australia.
It was a little busier than yesterday but there was still no waits on the lifts. The clouds came in with some snow flurries in the afternoon. We finally gave up when our fingers and toes told us that it was getting cold.
We caught up with Paul and Sophie again for dinner at The Dredge as we didn’t have a chance to catch up during the day. Another good meal but too big so more leftovers in the fridge.
As we were about to head to bed, our hosts Anna and Dustin arrived home so we chatted into the early hours of the morning.
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