Is that Altitude Sickness but what about the snow …

Well that wasn’t a good start to our skiing holiday. There is always talk of altitude sickness and it has never been an issue in the past but I guess I have never been at 9600 feet before.
I didn’t get any sleep, had a massive headache, felt nauseous, couldn’t eat and basically felt like shit and after consulting WebMD, it was all the symptoms for altitude sickness.
This wasn’t going to stop us hitting the slopes as the sun was shining even though is was -12C.
We headed out the door, all rugged up and caught the bus to the Beaver Run. After meeting up with Paul, lift tickets purchased, we hit the slopes.
With the temperatures well below zero I was expecting the conditions to be icy but it was far from it. The surface was dry powder and was great.
Both the runs and the lifts were long. You could fit 4 or 5 Australian runs in one of these runs and with the dry powder you didn’t feel exhausted at the end of each run.
It wasn’t until around 2pm that it started to cool down and start to snow so we called it a day. Jenny back was starting to become sore.
There was still a couple of hours of daylight so we went to explore Breckenridge, checking out the Railway Park with all the old steam trains, riding the Gondola then wandering along Main Street.
The sun was setting and it was getting brutally cold as we waited for the bus back to our condo.
It continued snowing through the night so will be interesting to see how the car-o-meter looks in the morning.
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