Gentlemen, Start your Engines ….

After a couple of ordinary days in Indianapolis with heavy rain and very cold temperatures, the sun showed its face and although it wasn’t all that warm, it was still a good day to tick another thing off the bucket list.

What else to do when in Indy but to get to to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, mecca of motorsport.

A couple of things stood out. One – how big the track and environs are, especially when find out that it is capable of holding 350 000 spectators. Two – how quiet things are when there is nothing on but this makes it a lot easier to get around and have a good look at the facilities.

The museum had a lot of history in the cars and information. It was amazing the names and cars that I recognised from the races of old, even though we didn’t have a lot of race coverage in Australia back in the day.

Got in a couple of laps of the track – unfortunately it was in a tour bus 😉

The full track tour gave us a good look at the track including stopping to kiss the “yard of bricks”, the media centre, timing, race control, the podium and the top floor suite of the Pagoda.

If you are ever in town, I would recommend a visit to the track and even better if there is a race on …

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