Long distance caching on the same day …

It is not often that you can find 2 geocaches 16174 kilometres apart on the same day but it helps to have the International Date Line on your side and be on an annual trip to the northern hemisphere.

At 4:15 am, on the way to Adelaide Airport, a quick find was made on GC4GQBZ – Lest We Forget…… at Mitcham.

32 hours later and 3 flights, Adelaide-Melbourne, Melbourne-Los Angeles & Los Angeles-Indianapolis it was still April 3rd so time to find another cache.

Despite being fairly tired and having a hotel bed calling my name, I persisted to eventually find a micro cache – GC2Z2VG – Indymonks Trail of Tears – Chippewa Indians. This was after 5 others that eluded me. Some of them could have been underwater, as there had been around 75mm of rain in the Indy area during the day.

Not sure if this is some kind of record but it certainly is for me.

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