Up, up and away …

The third big attraction and is this big for out here, the Qantas Founders Museum. It is not hard to miss as there is a Boeing 747 Jumbo plane parked out the front. 
Even more amazing is that the 747 was actually flown and landed at the Longreach Airport next to the museum. And that is on a runway that is too short and not wide enough for a 747.
Now that it is here, it can never be flown out unless there is a major upgrade to the runway.
Other planes that are now grounded here include a Catalina Flying Boat, Douglas DC-3, Boeing 707 and more recently the Super Constellation.
If you want to know anything about Qantas and its beginnings, this is the place to come.
We took the Jet Tour and we were lucky enough to have the curator take us through the 747, 707 and DC3. 
Even though we have flown in the 747 many times, there was things that we learned from our informed guide.
If you had the choice between here and the Stockmen’s Hall of Fame, I would suggest here.
You can even do a 747 wing walk as well, even though we didn’t do it.
We had a full day at the Founders Museum.
On return to the caravan park, Jenny said that there was a guy riding a horse on the other side of the caravan. I think she needs to visit Specsavers. It was a guy riding a bull.
He was the owner / singer / bull rider from the restaurant in the caravan park, The Woolshed. We were convinced and went for a buffet meal while being entertained by his singing.
Part of the entertainment was his dog leading the bull back to its paddock.
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