Another day of Soaking …

After a relaxing night and bit of a sleep in, no deadlines here, it was off to float at Bitter Springs.
I had heard there was a new concrete path to the springs, however that was only half right. The concrete path only ran from the exit point to the entry point into the springs.
The path from the car park to the entry was closed as they were now concreting that path. This meant the big walk around on the eastern side to get to the entry. 
No wonder there are large numbers at Mataranka. Most didn’t wont to do the big walk at Bitter Springs.
After a couple of hours floating, walking, repeat it was time to head back to Mataranka.
On one pass, something moved under me. They had found a croc in here a couple of weeks ago so the heart did a couple of skips but it ended up being a turtle the size of a dinner plate.
Back at Mataranka there were some familiar faces in the water, Mike, Maria, Peter & Carol had come down from Darwin during their northern trip away.
Another couple of hours until sunset with a few flying foxes darting around grabbing the mozzies buzzing near the water.
Got to see Nathan “Whippy” Griggs, whip cracking show again down at the Homestead, 9th time now I guess and the stores haven’t changed over the years.
Tomorrow it is time to head to Darwin and the start of Race Week.
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