The mob has cleared out

With the NT Long Weekend coming to an end, Mataranka Homestead cleared out with the huge mob heading back to Darwin and leaving the pool for us “grey nomads”.

We waited until after lunch before going soaking to make sure the crowds had cleared out.

Jenny wanted to go to Bitter Springs so after a quick stop for fuel in town (with a 5c per litre discount), we found a near empty carpark at Bitter Springs.

There were very few floating except for one noisy family but we ended up timing our float down the river to avoid the noise and relax.

After a few hours, the sun was on its way to setting so we drove back to camp just before dark.

The campground was a lot quieter than the weekend, so much that we could hear the music act down on the Homestead stage.

The full moon came up in all its glory, ideal for a night soak in the Thermal Pool.

We walked down around 8:00pm to find the pool empty. It was 20 minutes before being joined by a small number of other campers.

We soaked for another couple of hours. How can you not enjoy this lifestyle?

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