Looking for the Cosmos Bilby …

A bigger than normal travel day with 400 kilometres from Barcaldine to Charleville.
There were a few stops along the way for geocaches with one taking us to the first crash site for Qantas back a long time a go when they were flying biplanes.
We nearly stopped at Tambo for the night as the rodeo was on in town but we decided to continue on to Charleville.
One interesting tree along the way was Boab trees. We were not expecting to see them here. 
A lot of Big Red Bashers would be making it through Charleville tonight so I made some calls to make sure we would get a caravan site.
First park was a no go as they were full. The second one, Cobb & Co Caravan Park, had room for a couple of nights.
We arrived in Charleville around 4pm. It is the largest town we have been in a while with wide streets and lots of shops and pubs but no traffic lights.
Spent a little bit of time checking out the town before taking it easy for the night.
One thing for today, the high was 19C. Looks like the jeans might make an appearance again.
Diesel was $1.569 in Tambo.
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