Race Day at the Valley …

An early start this morning, getting the the Hidden Valley Raceway on day break. After sign on and the morning briefing, it was time to meet the new Chief Medical Officer, Di.
Once again I am running the Medical Channel in Race Control. Getting to know Di, you could tell we would get on and there were changes made from last year to integrate the two medical teams.
The first big change was that both teams met at 0630 each morning for breakfast. Another change was an integrated crew in each of the Intervention vehicles.
There was even a job before the racing started with a pit crew having chest pains. This year looks to be a bit busier than last year.
Last year there was no medical calls on or off track so it was already a lot busier.
Today was all practice and qualifying but the Porsche’s kept us a little busy with many going off at turn 10 and hitting the tyre wall. Two of these incidents required medical intervention.
Meeting rides finished off the day at the track and many of us headed into town to Parliament House for the annual Chief Ministers show.
There was a big crowd tonight but it soon cleared after the speeches, leaving plenty of food and drink for those that were left.
As usual, the firies were the last to leave but it still wasn’t that late. After all we still have racing tomorrow.
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