Sunset at the Ski Club …

It was a travel day to Darwin but not after having one last soak in the thermal pool. I packed up the van and soaked for an hour before hitting the road.
No holdups except for the occasional roadworks and was at the gate of the Discovery Caravan Park just after 1400.
You almost didn’t recognise the place as most of the trees were missing after the cyclone back in March.
Even though my site was on Shady Lane, there wasn’t much change left.
Tonight was the Officials BBQ at the Ski Club for the Darwin Supercars Race.
It was a good night for it, with temps in the mid 20’s, the beers cold, the BBQ hot and a great sunset to set it off.
With the Supercars Truck Parade on tonight rather than tomorrow, saw a lot of the officials disappear into the city to watch that.
That left the firies to drink the tab dry – challenge accepted and achieved.
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