High Country here we come …

It was already starting to warm up as we left Wangaratta and headed further north to Albury. We needed to make a quick stop to pick up groceries and other needs that had been forgotten in the initial stocking of our vehicles. You would think it would be a quick stop and shop but we didn’t count on the main shopping area in Albury being in the middle of town and nowhere to park a couple of vehicles towing a caravan and a camper trailer. We dropped off the girls and then circulated around town until they had finished shopping, then it was time to head east into the mountains.
The views were spectacular as we headed up the Murray Valley but it was slow going with a lot of curves and hills, so it looked like it would be be another long day but at least the scenery was good.
We had hoped to get to the Blue Duck Inn at Anglers Rest for lunch but unfortunately didn’t get there until 3pm and the kitchen shut down at 2pm. Across the road from the pub was a shady grassed area on the Cobungra River so we made our own lunch before moving on to Omeo.
If we thought it was a windy road so far, there was a lot more curves and hills in store for us through to Omeo which slowed our progress even more. Needless to say, the fuel consumption was definitely up so we needed to refuel at Omeo before moving on.
This is the first time I had been to Omeo after many years of going to Falls Creek during the winter for skiing and always seeing the road to Omeo closed. I guess people use this as a base for skiing the Mt Hotham area with the road kept open to those ski fields in the winter. Even though it was the middle of summer, fuel prices seemed to be ski field prices.
From Omeo we continued northeast to Benambra. There was a bit of a crowd at the pub in Benambra where we turned off onto Limestone Road. Apparently there was a lot pointing at my large caravan as we headed onto the road. Not sure what we were heading into. Our map was saying dirt road but we were still on bitumen so it seemed to be OK. Eventually the road turned to dirt and there was a few steep and skinny sections but the Colorado had no problems pulling the Taj through them.
We finally arrived at our campsite at Native Dog Flat to find a large open area with shady trees and almost bowling green grass. There were only two other campers in the area so it looked pretty good. We found a secluded area to set up but it wasn’t adjoining the Buchan River as those spots had been taken but it was still good.
There was evidence of wild brumbies in the area with piles of “offerings” through the camp and some associated flies but they soon disappeared after sunset. Not long after the sun had gone down we heard the brumbies coming in but they were not that tame so did not get close to us. Hopefully we will get some photos before we leave.
I tried the satellite dish to see if we could get some Big Bash League cricket as there were a couple of cricket tragics (not me) but I had forgot to renew our travellers certificate so it was card night tonight and if I get some phone coverage tomorrow will renew the certificate if I remember.
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