Skiing in Oz in October …

Who would have thought that we would be skiing in October in Australia but with 1.5 metres of snow on offer and an extended ski season, who are we to pass up the opportunity.

With my shifts finishing on Sunday morning and getting a couple of days Long Service Leave, it gave a 6 day break, enough time to drive over to Falls Creek, ski four days and drive home before heading back to work for my two night shifts.

It was going to be a little iffy, having fractured my ankle 8 weeks ago, the doctor and physio saying it wasn’t advisable to go skiing but with 1.5 metres of snow, there was no way we were going to miss it.

Leaving home yesterday morning at 6:45 am, we drove pretty well all day except for a few stops for geocaches, arriving just under 12 hours and 980 kilometres later at Schuss Lodge. It was strange arriving still in daylight but daylight saving started yesterday to our advantage. The roads at Falls Creek had only just been cleared of snow so we could drive straight to the Lodge.

I was a little bit weary after driving for 12 hours so it didn’t take long to fall asleep, waking up at 8:00am to a glorious day in the snow.

A quick walk down to the ski hire shop and we were soon on the slopes with blue skies, sunshine and 10C, great spring skiing weather.

The pick of the runs in the morning was Highway 83, then headed over to Ruined Castle as the snow softened but Scotty’s was the best option and when it was really soft, it was back to the Nastar Race Course. We stayed out for 3.5 hours covering 37 kilometres, but my ankle was starting to get achy and Jenny’s legs were getting sore so back to the Lodge at 2:00pm.

A geocaching friend back in Adelaide commented on our photos, mentioning that his brother were in the snow as well. What would the chances that they are staying in the same Lodge. With the Adelaide Effect, it is probably 100% and sure it was. We caught up this afternoon. Adelaide is definitely a small city where everyone knows someone.

It didn’t take long for the aches and pains to disappear with the help of some medicinal beverages 😉

Looking forward to another great days skiing tomorrow.

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