December 12 of 12

Today was an interesting and varied day for a 12 of 12.

The day started out in the early hours of the morning with a 3rd alarm fire at the old Julia Farr building at Fullarton where I attended as a Safety Officer.

After a pretty broken sleep with the pager continuing to go off every hour or so, it was time to head up to the Blackwood Scout Hall to assist the Scout Leaders to pack the pallecon with the equipment for Troop 0404 attending the AJ2010. After packing the 2 trailers with the last minute bits and pieces we headed down to Gillman to start packing.

When we saw the size of the pallecon and the amount of gear to fit in, we were not sure of whether it was possible. Many of the other troops packing also were of the same mind and kept coming over to see how we were going.

After 2 hours all but 2 water containers (they will go in the bus) made it in and the pallecon started its journey to Cataract Park.

It was then time to do some geocaching in the Gillman area.

Caches found today are:

GC1KKCT – Sister of the South

GC1NXH0 – The Fifth Element


GC1FYQV – Come Chase The Bunny

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3 Responses to December 12 of 12

  1. Jill says:

    Hello! Here it is, 6:26am in New York, USA and I’m just starting my 12-of-12 day and your family has already found 4 caches! (smile)
    Thanks for sharing your day – such an international community we are!

    Happy Holidays!
    – Jill

  2. Scott says:

    Thanks Jill,

    In fact it is now 10:30 pm so our 12th day is nearly over in Oz.


  3. Del says:

    Just posting my 12 of 12.

    Had mostly a day of DIY, so didn’t find any caches. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better caching day.

    The fire shots were interesting!

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