Floating in Berry Springs …

Jenny wanted to get to Berry Springs while we were up here this trip and today was a good day for it. Berry Springs seems to be closed more than open when we are up here due to crocodiles found in the pools. Luckily today there were no crocs.

It is only short drive from Darwin and given it was a Saturday, the springs were not too busy. Part of the COVID-19 requirements is that if the carpark is full then the Springs are at capacity. There were no problems with that today.

We spent a couple of hours soaking and floating from the Falls to the Upper Pool and Lower Pool.  Another good day on vacation.

Tonight, was wharf night, with the Adelaide Fire crew having a meal at Stokes Hill Wharf. The wharf has many different cuisines, with varying price levels in a great location with views over Darwin Harbour and fish swimming up to the wharf but not allowed to be fished.

For a Saturday night, the wharf was remarkedly quiet. This seems to be the norm in these COVID-19 times.

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