Goodbye Japan …

There were a number of hotel shuttles (coach size) and they were well patronised. We missed the 8am and 815am and were guaranteed a seat on the 830am but the hotel concierge figured we had waited long enough and shouted us a taxi to the airport getting dropped off at Terminal 1. It was then time to check in and see who won the heaviest suitcase award. Mine was first and weighed in at 28.5kg, only 1.5kg under the 30kg limit. Surely that was the winner but then Jenny’s weighed in at 29.5kg. Rachael and Justin were lightweights in the 24’s. Jenny and I had extra gear from Bradley’s backpack s they will be lighter on the final flight.

We were sitting at our gate busily wifi using and charging when Jenny was called up. There was an issue with our checked baggage and it ended up being mine. They said that a battery was x-rayed. Sure enough I left a power pack in the bag. Apparently it is OK in cabin baggage but not checked. Must be something to do with pressurisation of the cabin. After going through my bag and giving me the battery pack, the plane was loaded and we were on our way.

I finally got a peek at Mt Fuji out the right side of the plane. The summit was peeking out through the cloud layer and looked to be a cloud itself but the pilot reassured us it was Mt Fuji. We then encountered turbulence for the next hour which delayed cabin service but we all got drinks and food eventually. It was a 7 hour flight. Got a few movies and some zzzz’s in and arrived early into Singapore.

It was then catching up with Bradley before grabbing some cash from the ATM, finding the number 24 bus to our Air BnB and settling in for the night. Not sure the bus driver understood us too well as we ended up with 5 tickets for $10 for a one hour bus ride.

A short walk from Changi Road to our penthouse apartment to find beds for 4 people not 5 people as requested. After some back and forward messaging to the owner, a mattress was brought up for Bradley. While I was sorting the bed issue, Jenny and the kids headed out to Changi Road to find us some tea and came back with some street food that was just like I used to get at Singapore Noodles in the Central Market.

Spending a day on a plane doesn’t help with steps but walking around Changi Airport does, finishing with 4868 steps.

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